Dec 20, 2012

It's always a pleasure working with L., and even better when it's to celebrate her new life. N. and L. make such a great couple, and perfect subjects for my work, too. And did I mention they have a great temperament? Even after we got (gently) thrown out of this terrific location, we went on to make more pictures to commemorate their wedding.

L. is moving right along in her skills as a stylist and makeup artist, as well, so give me a call and lets put her to work! After a session making pictures with me and her, I'm sure you'll agree that she's an artist.

Nikon D800, 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro lens, f/4.5, 1/100s, ISO 400, Nik Color Efex 4, CS6.


  1. Is that the concert hall on campus? Why did they kick you out? I've photographed in a lot of campus buildings and the admins never seem to have a problem.

  2. Yeah, evidently the concert hall is available for shooting in by reservation...and it's not cheap. We just walked in during a performance and the door was open. We didn't disturb or anything; they could have been gentler about asking us to leave, since nothing is posted, and like you, I shoot in campus buildings all the time.

    Why do my tax dollars pay for a beautiful place I can't enjoy? It's like an airport...

  3. That's ridiculous, way to spread some community goodwill USU. *sigh* Nothing's free these days.