Dec 17, 2012

Jack's Pizza

Perhaps it's a freudian trip of the shutter, but I seem to have a lot of clients with pizzerias. Could it be that I am drawn to them by their deliciousness, and the desire to spend more time in their establishments creates an affinity which leads to a business relationship? What's more likely is they think I'll finally leave if they hire me. Either way, I'm pleased as pop to spend time and the occasional trade for goods with these fine eateries.

This is B., and he's been here before. A few years ago he bought a lens from me, joined the club, carried some great restaurants, and we've been pals ever since. Yeah, my Sigma 10-22mm is the one he bought; I never forget a lens face lens or a face.

Lately, B. and his partners are making great things happen at Jack's Wood Fired Pizza on main street. If you havent eaten here yet, you've got to buy yourself a little slice of Christmas and head down. Not only is the pie delicious, but the newly renovated atmosphere is terrific. I particularly enjoy the bike room. And the original tiles on the floor. And watching the cooking in the fire place. Just go check it out so I can stop listing things I like.

Nikon D800, 50mm f/1.4 lens, f/8, 1/50s, ISO 400.

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  1. Jack's is great one of our favorite "new finds" last time we were in Logan.