Dec 27, 2012

More Jewels

Here are a couple more I dug up from last year. Lessee...Ah, yes. My pal Zech was in town for a seminar we both attended on creating cinematic stories. Zech works in Boise, and we've collaborated several times. I met him at a different seminar before I even owned my first camera--it was with David Ziser and it was a life changing workshop.

Anyway, one of the jobs Zech and I worked on was a wedding with a family full of cops, and we really had a fun time making some character rich images. So, we decided to do a few things we didn't get to try when we were in the rush of the wedding...

Photo by Zechariah Wendt.

Of course, We couldn't take it too seriously for long. 

Zech and I also spent some time walking and shooting on the the USU campus. It was a good day.

Photo by Zechariah Wendt.
Photo of Zechariah Wendt.

Photo by Zechariah Wendt.

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