Dec 20, 2012

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

A. and D. recently came for a portrait session, a little something to share with their families for the Holidays. Spending time with them was really a pleasure--they're friends of friends, and now friends themselves.

Nikon D800, 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro lens, f/2.8, 1/500s, ISO 100, Nik Color Efex Pro4, CS6.
One thing that is significant about this picture is the location. I'm standing in the canal bed along with A. and D. to make this picture, and this would be absolutely impossible two months ago. Because the canal is intended for irrigation (yes, even right in town people have water shares to water their lawns in the growing season), it only flows part of the year, and the rest of the time it may be found bone dry. 

Not only is the presence of water an obstacle in making this image in other seasons, but flow is another problem. See, right behind me is a race directing the water from the street level above twenty higher and it comes pouring down in a raucous slurry of white froth and foam that would knock me off my feet and carry me past the back of door of the now-closed Hostess Outlet (sigh). In fact, it's such a rush of water that I usually don't come down here in the growing season because I can't communicate with my clients for the noise.

My point is, keeping an eye on locations in different seasons and conditions makes allows me to make the most of all places. Plus, it keeps me excited about places that could otherwise be boring. Oh, here's another example of this same spot in high summer when the grass is up to my shoulders.

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