Apr 13, 2013

Desert's Dessert

Firstly, you drive through beautiful country--I-70 to US 191 is amazing--gorging your eyes on red rock and canyons and clear skies.

Then you take 191 south to Moab and get a taste of what lies in the parks surrounding you on all sides. The strangeness of shapes in rock rising hundreds of feet all around, and the easy pace of people visiting for fun and residents who have the right idea of living is contagious, as well.

But, greedily looking for more, you continue south on 191 to the Needles in Canyonlands National Park and realize that you've never seen anything so incredible as the vastness and wonderfulness of being alone until now. You hike from the campground and scamper on rocks leading you higher and higher until you find a ridge to watch the sunset, which seems to never end.

Finally, having made your way down from the ridges and petrified dunes, the majesty of the universe spills over your whole world and reminds you how tiny your part is, and how sweet it is to be a part of the whole. A gracious finish to delicious desert day.

Click for a grander view.

Nikon D800, 14-24mm f/2.8 VR lens @ 15mm, f/4, 15 seconds, ISO 3200.
I've been enjoying working with a wonderful client and team of image makers in the desert all week. It's rough to have to come back...guess I'll be excited to head out again to the Uintah Basin on Monday: one of Utah's best kept secrets!

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  1. That's beautiful Levi... I can almost hear the night time quite and sounds. Thanks for sharing.