May 11, 2013

à la Robert Hall

There's a fine photographer I think you should know. His name is Robert Hall; click here to see his work. I met him six years ago at Summerfest in Logan, UT, and I bought two of his pieces. His work so intrigued me and reminded me of how much I loved photography myself. I was happy to invest in his works, and it's been a pleasure having his work hanging in my home. 

Well, after having seeing works hanging for a few months, it motivated me to find my high school work and hang it up. Before long, I'd bought a camera and here I am.

Each time I go out to shoot I think to myself, how would Robert Hall interpret this? Where would he put his camera? What height would he set his tripod? It's not like I channel Mr. Hall, and my work is not like his, but it gets me thinking, get me considering, and that stops me from just showing up and shooting.

Except for this one. I'm trying to copy the look and feel of one of the prints of his I have on my wall. Look on his sight under art cards, and you'll find an image of a Dahlia; that's one I have before me now. Please click on the image for the full view.

Nikon D800, 105mm f/2.8 Micro VR lens, f/4, 1/100s, ISO 400, Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, Luscher Farm, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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