Lasting Joy: Families

Family is what it's all about. All of it. Family is the why behind your whole life. I get that, you know?

You also know that the most important pictures are those of your family. The wedding was a wonderful start, and the newborn pictures will be treasured forever, but when we combine the ever growing kids with the parents? Then we create images that literally transcend generations. This is the stuff the great-grandkids will fight over when you've gone the way of the dodo, and they will treasure knowing that they have great gran' papa's nose. Your great granddaughter will weep with the joy of connection when she realizes she has Grammy's hands.

Plus, the pictures we make will look incredible on the wall, and your memories will be more vibrant when you recall how everyone looked.

Now, you've got options. We can shoot three places: the Mansion, your Home, or someplace else. Or even a combination of the three. There's nothing like the emotional images we can create in the studio at the Thatcher-Young Mansion, eliminating distraction and reducing images to the art of you and yours interacting with the light. It's beautiful, and nothing compares...

...Except for the images we could make in your family's natural environment--their own home. Your kids may be at ease, and we can make posed group pictures as well as images of them playing with each other and with you--dad wrestling with the boys in the living room, or reading books on the sofa. Absolutely priceless images without par...

...Unless, of course, you consider the pictures we can make at your family's favorite park or doing your favorite recreation, or at some of my favorite outdoor spots. The freedom of outside and the joy of playing together makes for wonderful images that you will treasure forever.

The fact is, anywhere we get together we'll make beautiful art for your home, featuring your family--whether it's just the two of you or we could fill the stadium with your clan, we'll have a fun time and you'll love the images--guaranteed.